Well Pump Pulling Service

Well Pump Pulling Service

Clearwater has the ability to pull shallow or deep well pumps. Very shallow well pumps can be possibly serviced by hand, but the deeper the pump, the heavier the material becomes and some heavy duty tools are needed to get the job done.

We use the RHR “pumptraxx” Model for the majority of our pump pulling projects. This unite features up to 1600 lbs of pulling force which can pull 500+ feet of the most common black poly well pipe. This unit also is self powered by a gasoline engine which makes it very versatile for pulling wells that are out of the way and not close to an electrical power source. It also means that excessive load is not placed on the customers home electrical system as it doesn’t use electrcity from the home as many other pump pulling devices do.

For the very deep wells which may be hung on steel pipe or heavy duty PVC, we use a crane to pull and service these wells.

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