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FAQs about Well Pumps

Water problems? We can fix it.

Learn more about well pump services and water filtration systems with Clear Water Well & Pump’s FAQs.

Well Pump FAQs

Where is my pump located?
How long does a pump last?
What do I do if I am out of water? Or, I have no water—is my well dry?
What do I do if I am out of water? Or, I have no water—is my well dry?
Why is my pump running so frequently?
Is my pump supposed to be turning on and off frequently?
Should I chlorinate my well?
Does my pressure tank need to be air charged?
Do I have a leak in my pressure tank?
Do I need to seal my pump against vermin?
What’s the process for drilling a well?
How do I choose the right well pump?
Do you service or repair well pumps?
What pump is best?
Do I need a deep well pump?
Can I install/repair/replace my well pump myself?
How do I maintain my well/well pump?
Do I need to maintain my well/well pump?
Why is my well pump not working?
What’s the difference/advantages between a submersible and a jet pump?
How does a well pump function?
My well pump is running, but there’s no water pressure. What’s wrong?
Why does my well pump keep tripping?
My well pump keeps cycling but doesn’t turn off.
How can I get constant water pressure?
What is the funny odor/color in my water?

Water Treatment Systems FAQs

What is the best water treatment system?
What is water treatment?
Why do I need water treatment?
What are the benefits of water treatment?
What water treatment system should I buy?
How do I know I need a water treatment system?
How long does a water treatment system last?
Do I need to buy/change filters for my water treatment system?
Is a water treatment system expensive?
How do I know what’s in my water?
What product(s) should I purchase?
Why does my water taste bad?
Does my water treatment equipment need parts?
Does a water treatment system remove harmful bacteria?

Water Filtration FAQs

What is water filtration?
What is a whole house water filtration system?
What is the best water filtering system? Brands?
What are some of the best water filters for home use?
How does a home water filter work?
Are a water purification and a water filtration system the same thing?
What is reverse osmosis?
How much does a water filtration system cost?
How long does a water filtration system last?
What water filtration system should I buy?
How do I know I need water filtration?
What does water filtration do?
Does water filtration need chlorine or other chemicals?
Is there a natural/health benefit to water filtration?
Why is water filtration important?
If I’m building a new home, do I need water filtration? How can I add it in?
Does a water filtration system remove everything?

Well Hand Pump FAQs

What is a well hand pump?
Can I install/repair a well hand pump myself or do I need a professional?
How does a well hand pump work?
How deep can you hand pump water?
What are my well hand pump options?
What kind of lever is used on a well hand pump?
How is water drawn up by a well hand pump?
Can I install a hand pump in a well with my electric pump?
Can I hand pump water without electricity?
How difficult is it to hand pump water?
Can I hand pump enough water to fill my water tank?
What do I need to do to maintain/prepare my hand pump for use?
Which well hand pump option is best for me?
How much water can I expect to get out of m well hand pump?
Can I hook my well hand pump to a windmill or solar panel?
How far above my submersible pump should the hand pump be installed?

Well Pump Testing & Inspections

Does getting a USDA, VA, FHA or any other loan require a well pump inspection?

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Does refinancing require a well pump inspection?
How can I test/troubleshoot my well pump?
How can I check my well pump to test that it’s working correctly?
Do I need to shut off my well pump during testing or inspection?
Will a test on one pump affect other wells?
What should my water pressure be?
How can I test my groundwater?
How often do I need to test/inspect my well pump?
Can I test/inspect my own well pump or do I need to hire a professional?
What are the regulations/requirements for a well pump?
How can I test my water levels?
What are the steps/procedures to providing a well pump test/inspection?
Do I need to turn off the electrical current or the pump for a test or inspection?
What is a hydro or hydrostatic test?
Do I need to do preventive maintenance??

Crane Service & Excavation FAQs

What is a crane service?
Can I rent my own crane?
What is a crane used for?
What is a crane well pump pulling service?
How do I know where to excavate my well/dig a borehole?
When digging for a borehole, I got no water.
What does an excavating contractor do?
How deep does my well need to be?
How deep can an excavator go?
How is a well drilled?
How long does excavation take?
Is it a messy process?
Can I dig a well with a backhoe?
Can I dig a well on my own property?
What is an auger?
How were wells dug in the “old days?”
Can I dig my own well?
How do I find water?
Do I need several wells?
How does ClearWater excavate a well? Pull a pump?


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