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How to Pull a Well Pump

When your well pump stops working, you need to step in to get it back up and working quickly. And while it is not a complicated task, it does require some knowledge and a little bit of skill. If you want to try to replace your well pump yourself, we can offer some advice on how to pull a web pump.

(Or you may want to contact a professional company like Clearwater Well & Pump to do it for you!)

For do-it-yourselfers, here is a general guide of what needs to be done:


When your well pump stops working, the problem could actually be a number of things, and not a failure of the pump itself. Troubleshoot the problem to see if there is a simple fix first.

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Prepare the Area

If you determine that the pump needs to be replaced, first, clear the entire area around the pump of debris and shrubbery. You will need to be able to pull the well pump and pipe weight (120–300 pounds) all at once to keep it from falling back into the well.

It is a job best done with two people. For deeper wells, hiring a contractor is best.

Wear non-slip gloves, as the pipes and assembly may be slippery due to mineral and iron deposits and water.

Prepare the Pump

Turn off all electrical current running to the well pump. Loosen the cap bolts and remove the well cap.

With a flashlight, visually inspect the well. Use the T-handle pump removal tool, turning it clockwise to thread it slowly and carefully onto the pitless adapter.

Mark the T-handle shaft to indicate the height of the pitless adapter then raise the T-handle to lift the pitless adapter above the height of the well casing.

You may want to tie a safety rope around the water pipe, or use an already-attached leader or safety rope to secure it.

Have the second person hold that rope securely while you pull to keep the pump assembly from falling to the bottom of the well.

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Pull the Well Pump

Have the person removing the well pump stand directly above the well to pull the well pump straight up and out of its casing.

Have the second person securely hold the pump assembly and guide the water pipe to avoid kinks in the water line.

Keep lifting until the well pump is entirely free of its casing. Lay it to the side.

Check the well, then cover the well hole to prevent objects or debris from falling into it.

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These instructions are merely meant as a guideline and not as a perfectly step-by-step method to pulling a well pump. If you have questions, or need assistance, please give us ClearWater Well & Pump a call.

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When your well pump stops working, you’re going to want to fix it fast.

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