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Once you install your water softener, you may forget about it. As long as it is working properly, you believe that you never have to give it another thought.

However, keeping your water softener in good working order does require some maintenance. To help guide you, we’ve created our Monthly Water Softener Maintenance Checklist.

Water Softener Maintenance Sight Checks

As part of your Monthly Water Softener Maintenance Checklist, you will want to visually review your water softener system on a regular basis. Here are the things to look for:


Salt Levels: Check Monthly

If your water softener requires salt to be added to the brine tank, do a visual check to ensure the proper levels in the brine tank are maintained. With especially-hard water, you may need to add salt more frequently. Signs that your salt levels are low include a cloudy film on glassware and soap that doesn’t get bubbly. Do not overfill.


Overall Water Softener System Review: Check Every Six Months

Once every six months, give the entire water softener system a once-over to ensure that things are working properly. Look for signs of rust or developing holes, leaky gaskets, and other differences that may lead to future problems if not caught early. Checking every six months will enable you to see any changes.


Brine Tank: Check Every 6-12 Months

Most likely, your brine tank will not need maintenance, but check to see if it needs to be cleaned. If it does, turn off the water, reduce the level of water in the brine tank, and scoop out any excess salt and brine. Vacuum it out with a shop vac to empty it as well as possible. Refill to the 2/3 level with salt.


Also Check for Salt Bridges

While you are checking the brine tank, also look for a salt bridge. This is a hard layer of salt that sits on top of the water in the tank. If you discover a salt bridge, turn off the water, and use a large stick or broom handle to break up the hard bridge. Scoop out excess salt and brine and add several gallons of hot water to the tank. Let it sit for several hours to dissolve the salt. Turn on the system and let it use up the brine left over from the salt bridge.

Read more here about brine tank maintenance.

Water Softener Maintenance Schedule

In addition to visually reviewing your water softener system, include these regular maintenance items in your Monthly Water Softener Maintenance Checklist.


Flush Resin Bed: Every 3-4 Months

Turn off your water softener. Then, using a designated water softener cleaner, flush out the resin bed every couple of months to clear out built-up impurities. These can include heavy metals, silt and dirt, and other organic compounds. Allowing these impurities to build up will affect the efficiency and life of your water softener. Following manufacturer directions on how much water softener cleaner to use, simply pour it into the brine well. Start the water softener manually and let it run. It will clean itself through the normal cycle.


Clean Venturi Valve: Every 4 Months

The Venturi valve works along with the nozzle to provide the necessary suction that moves brine into the resin tank. It can clog with impurities. To clean it, remove the cap cover and the inner parts, and wash them with soapy water. Rinse and replace.


Install a Pre-Filter: Once

To help prevent sediment and other impurities from clogging up your water softener system, consider installing a pre-filter. This adds an extra layer of filtration between the water intake and the water softener.

Click here for more a more detailed, a step-by-step checklist for monthly water softener maintenance.


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Please use this Monthly Water Softener Maintenance Checklist as a guide to maintaining your water softener.

Although much of the care and maintenance of a water softener system can be handled by homeowners themselves, if you have questions about maintaining a water softener, have an emergency, or need to purchase a new water softener, please contact ClearWater Well & Pump.

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