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Researching what water softener systems cost ahead of time can help you find a quality product for an affordable price.

Investing in a water softening system has many benefits and is better for hair and skin care and is better for your alliances and plumbling.

First, it is important to know the basic types of water softening systems and determine what exactly is the best water softener for your home. Not only is there the cost of the actual product(s) to consider but the installation and labor expenses as well.

Learn more about the types of products available and what water softener systems cost.

Types of Water Softening Systems

Salt-Based Water Softeners

Salt-based water softening systems are commonly used in many homes. These products utilize sodium (usually in dissolvable salt pallets) as a softening agent to break down some of the minerals and bacteria found in “hard” water. Salt-based water softeners are the most popular and cost-effective system used in homes in the United States. The average cost of a 40 lb. bag of sodium pallets is $5.50.

Salt Free Water Softeners

Salt-free water softening systems use other mediums besides sodium pallets to “soften” the water. The most common form is potassium which is better for your septic system and plumbing and can be a smart choice for people conscious of their sodium intake. It operates in the same way as salt-based water softeners but instead uses a different agent to “soften” the hard water. For comparison, according to HomeAdvisor, a 40 lb. bag of potassium for water softening costs an average of $27.

Magnetic & Electronic Systems

These types of magnetic and electronic water softening and filtration systems are relatively new technologies and have controversially receptions. They function via a plug-in device that attaches to your water pipes and aims to reverse the ionic charges of minerals in hard water to prevent build up in your pipes. These systems cost an average of $200 and there are mixed reviews and some claims that these systems don’t work. Make sure to do your research prior to investing in a magnetic or electronic water softening system.

Installation Costs

Unless you’re planning to DIY it, water softener system costs include labor expenses and installation. If you want a dual tank softening system, that will take up more space and cost a bit more for the products (on average between $950 and $2,000 for the tanks and related pieces).

Water softening system costs in Northern Virginia with professional installation cost an average of $1,200. Prices vary locationally due to labor costs and other factors, such as the levels and balance of different minerals in the water in your region. Try this price calculator from Thumbtack and type in your zip code to see the average water softener costs in your area.

Total Costs for Water Softening Systems

Finding the local cost of water softening systems in important in order to secure the right products that are the best for your home.

On average, the cost to install water softeners is between $1,000 and $2,000 in addition to the price of the actual product.

According to Improvenet, the average water softener system cost is $3000 (including the product and installation). Lower end estimates are closer to $400 (especially if you install yourself) while higher-end systems can cost up to $10,000. HomeAdvisor cites the national average at $1000 which varies depending on your local installation costs and the type and size of water softening system you are purchasing.

Check out this price calculator from Pelican Water to help estimate the cost of a saltless water softening system for your home.

The benefits of soft water are worth the water softener system costs.

Some products can be more expensive depending on what you’re looking for, but there are a lot of options out there when it comes to water softening and filtration. From DIY projects to professional installation, we hope this article helped answer some of your questions about water softener system costs.

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