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If your home gets its water from a well, you know that keeping your well operating efficiently and effectively is of paramount importance. This requires regular maintenance as well as periodic repairs, along with their costs to repair.

For example, if you need a well pump, you might wonder what does a well pump installation cost?

“The costs of replacing a well pump are based on the type of pump, its depth, its location, and the size of your well.”


Factors that determine your replacement cost include:

  • Well size
  • Pump type
  • Replacement method (professional vs. DIY)
  • Pressure tank issues

Well Pump Installation Cost

An Angie’s List article claims that the well pump installation cost can be one of the most expensive repairs, and can run up to $1,000 or more in a shallow-bored well, and up to $2,000 in a drilled well, depending on the shaft depth and pump horsepower.

Well pumps themselves can retail for a range of prices.

  • A hand pump can run $150+
  • A jet pump $250-$745
  • As ubmersible pump $475-$1,200
  • A solar pump $2,000-$4,000

The more common well repairs of replacing the pressure switch and replacing the tank can run $20-40 and $240-500 respectively. And an annual inspection can cost between $100 and $120, on average.

Is a Well Pump Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Whether insurance covers a well pump replacement cost depends upon the circumstances of why it is not working, and generally is only covered by your insurance policy’s coverage of natural events like lightning, fire or windstorms. However, you may be able to purchase mechanical equipment breakdown coverage as a separate rider, if desired. Check with your insurance agent.

How Do You Know You Need a New Well Pump?

The average life span of a well pump is about 10 years. If you are experiencing dirty water, inconsistent water pressure or higher water bills, or are hearing loud noises, you may need a new well pump due to electrical or mechanical failures.

Common issues with well pumps include motor ignition and shut-off issues, and decreased water pressure. However, many of these problems involve the combination of electricity and water, which can be dangerous if you are not experienced in this area. That’s why you want to call in a professional who can diagnose the problem, offer an estimate of replacement or repair costs, and perform the work.

Consider Upgrading

If you have to replace your well pump, it may be a good time to consider upgrading to a more efficient and longer-lasting model instead of a like-kind replacement.

A submersible well pump is one option that can last up to 25 years. Whereas an above-ground jet pump was previously used to pull water from an older or shallow well, a submersible electric pump that is lowered into the well pushes water up and uses an above-ground power source.

Keep in mind that repairs on an above-ground pump are easier than repairs on a submersible pump since it needs to be drawn out of the well. It also may not last as long if the well has high levels of sediments or other particles.

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