Water Testing and Well Inspections

Test your water regularly for bacteria, or purchase inspections. Includes: Real Estate Pre-Purchase Inspections, and Bacteria Testing.

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Water Testing and Well Inspection

If your home gets its water supply from a private well or even from city water then it is crucial that you get your water tested regularly for potentially harmful bacteria and other contaminants.

Sometimes, symptoms of bad water are obvious–tastes bad, smells bad, cloudy appearance, etc. Many times, however, the signs of problems in your water are not so obvious.

We can inspect your well water yearly for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels and test your well water every two to three years for tannins, hardness, chloride, sulfate, alkalinity, iron, and copper.

If you are looking to purchase a home or would just like peace of mind in the house you own currently, we can do a full water system inspection with certified lab results for many of the above contaminants.

Lab tubes

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